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We offer various kinds of services and provide solutions to meet all your trading requirements

Strengthen basic concepts and learn advanced concepts that will allow you to navigate the uncertainties in live market and allow you to succeed in the stock market.

Master various strategies that allow you to respond to dynamic market conditions in a timely, effective and profitable manner.

Get access to the Code Viser community of traders to get life time guidance, mentorship and advice. Our community comprises of distinguished students, our expert advisors as well as our Mentor-In-Chief Mr. Virendra Pandey who is very active in the community.

Unlimited and free revision and doubt clearing sessions to ensure that you are always confident in your knowledge and the subsequently the trades you implement.

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Providing best business solution for growing your business

CodeViser offers a superlative on-line course on technical analysis, trading, trading- psychology and investing. Since, these courses are conducted on-line in small batch sizes,you have the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your home or office from anywhere across the globe. The educational content covered in our courses enables you to trade in equity and derivative markets in a confident, effective and profitable manner. We have trained an overwhelming number of beginners, intermediary and advanced learners, all of whom have emerged as confident, systematic and successful traders post completion of our course. We believe the quality, uniqueness and comprehensiveness of our program establishes an industry benchmark that is hard for our competitors to achieve.

Our programmes can be customized according to your requirements. We have special programmes for school & college students which includes limited batch sizes, flexibility in timings, custom tradnig ideas hand picked by our mentor in Chief Mr. Virendra Pandey. We look forward to having you in our program and join the Code Viser family with the benefit of life-time mentorship.

Live Training Sessions

Live Training Sessions With Mr. Virendra Pandey and his Team

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Limited Batches:

We allow only limited batch sizes so that it is easy for our students to follow and understand the course

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Access to live trade setups & Private Strategies of Chief Mentor Mr. Virendra Pandey

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Best Guide and Trainer for Investors and Traders in the Indian Stock market

This era of globalization has hurled stock market into a new period of integration, fluidity and mobility. We at Code Viser are an experienced and proficient team who can help you navigate the multitudes of challenges that investors and traders encounter in the stock market landscape. We have a proven track record of consistent profits and we are excited to share our knowledge with our clients. 
We believe in creating robust strategies that will stand the test of time and market volatility. We are not here to make false promises and snare you in “Get Rich Quickly” schemes. We do not believe that fortunes can be made overnight or fortunes can be generated by manipulating stock prices. Additionally, we don’t think that making money in the stock market is ‘easy and simple’ – if it truly were then everybody would be a successful trader and investor. 
What we aim to deliver is a promise that you can indeed make consistent money and generate a solid ‘Return on Investment’ but provided you learn key techniques such as the Japanese Candlesticks pattern, Harmonic Patterns and learn to implement them in the real world in accordance to the given market conditions.
We recommend that you start early and take the first step towards carving a financially free future for yourself.


Meet our Mentor-in-Chief & Trading Expert

Virendar Pandey

Mr. Virendra Pandey's first foray into stock market was in 2002 and there has been no looking back. Since then, he has been an avid practioner, passionately studying and investing in the forex and cryptocurrencies markets. In 2016-17, he ventured into NSE and continued his winning streak there becoming an inspiration to those around him. He is an eminent social media influencer with over 1 Lakh subscribers on his official YouTube channel. With over 2 decades of successful trading experience and proven results, he is one of the leading stock trading instructors of India. His guidance has helped students carve their technical skills and extract phenomenal profits from the stock market.

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